Temporary Tattoos

Temporary Tattoo Transfer

Me putting a temp. transfer on a friend during NAOHOA’s first birthday party. 🙂

Decided on a design but still having second thoughts? Having a tattoo is a big decision that will isn’t to be taken lightly. We’ll work towards creating something that you’ll love and holds meaning, but seeing it on a piece of paper doesn’t compare to seeing it on you.

£20 non-refundable booking fee. Payment must be cleared to secure booking.

The temporary tattoo can be easily removed using warm/hot water or baby oil.

You may incur an additional fee for designs larger than A4.

Despite being a temporary service, this is not available to persons under the age of 18, as it is intended as a stepping-stone towards getting a real tattoo.

There is no pressure to book your real tattoo session after this service. The Design fee is to compensate for my time, should you decide not to get the tattoo at all.

Ready for the real thing? Check out the Bespoke Tattoos page for more info.