Coverup Tattoos

Sometimes, things don’t turn out how we’d like them to…although unfortunate, it’s not always the end of the line. If you have a tattoo you’d like me to look at, please don’t hesitate to book a Consultation with me so we can talk it over with some tea. 🙂

What’s important to me as that you’re happy with your tattoo. It’s your life and your body – don’t let fear over what previous artists (or me) think about going over older work. It’s with us forever, so let’s wear our ink with pride!

If you’re thinking of going through laser treatment, please consider a Coverup as it could be a cheaper and less painful alternative with minimal to no scarring.

Here are the terms I use:


Completely disguising an old tattoo with a new design so that you can no longer see it.



You feel that what you have isn’t exactly what you were after and you’d like more work done on it.



You adore your existing tattoo and simply want to give it a new lease of life with brighter colours or darker darks.


Are you ready?

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