Bespoke Tattoos

NAOHOA creates designs to your specifications, so you can be rest assured that no one else will share the same tattoo.

  • Payment for the tattoo is required at the end of each session (your Down Payment and Booking Fee will be deducted from the total fee).
  • Depending on the complexity of the design, your tattoo may take several sessions to complete. It is possible to either tattoo over 2-3 consecutive days or a month apart.
  • Designs that aren't chosen might be made available as one-off Flash for future clients. I will ensure they are different from yours beforehand.
  • Please refer to Aftercare Advice to learn how to look after your tattoo. If you have any more concerns, read the F.A.Q page before contacting me.
  • Payments must clear on booking to secure your spot and for me to begin work.
  • Unsure on whether you still want a tattoo? Check out the Temporary Tattoo Service page for more info.