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Medjoul dates from Zaytoun – supporting Palestinian farmers since 2004. I’ve been buying these for guests at the studio for several years. 🙂

04/11/2023: ⏰‼️ URGENT CALL ‼️⏰

Please donate to the following by 2pm GMT TODAY, before the army closes in and companies close – shutting down access to aid from outside of Gaza.

I’ll add more info after my main social media post.

The situation in Gaza has escalated dramatically over the past month. I’ve been active in posting about this on my personal profile, but wanted to collate some resources here so they’re easy to find.

In short, Israel has been colonising Palestine since 1948 (with help from the UK and US, who are barely being held accountable) and we are witnessing genocide/ethnic cleansing in real time. The video shown below (made 2yrs ago) explains the history of it in an easy-to-digest way.

Horrific crimes against humanity are happening right before our eyes and it’s our responsibility – as people with privilege to do so – to speak up. Life and the world in general are not a sum-zero game – no matter how hard the media and certain groups will want you to believe. There is space for all of us to thrive without resorting to oppression (albeit, not under corrupt systems in place).

We’re living through yet another historical event…and I know for sure that I don’t wanna look back on this and admit to doing nothing while innocent people are dying for no reason – other than being born in a location another group wanted for themselves.

Please don’t mistake this post as hate towards any religion. This is about colonisation – not religion. Do not confuse the two.

People are people – not numbers. This is about humanity and doing what we can to respect and nurture it so that future generations can flourish.


💷 Donations

List of trustworthy charities have been compiled (and regularly updated) in the following blog post:

HOWEVER, due to restricted access at time of writing (07/11/2023), donations are unable to enter Gaza, so it’s more important to shift focus towards applying pressure on governments to call for a ceasefire. Donations will still be useful and valuable for when borders re-open, but it’s hard to tell when that will happen, so demanding a ceasefire is of highest priority right now so that aid can reach those who need it sooner, rather than later.

Local organisations listed here:


🧠 Expertise

Do you have skills that might be helpful to those on the ground, or aiding those who are?

There’s a Google Document requesting virtual advice from medical specialists:


Sign the petition calling for a ceasefire:

Share (accurate) information to sustain awareness. Activism is tiring and more of a marathon than a sprint. Don’t let it lose momentum, but also remember to look after yourself to avoid burnout.

Buy from companies that support Palestinians and boycott those who are funding the occupation. We live in a Capitalist society and actions like this have already plummeted share prices of the latter.

✊✊ Call or write to your MP to demand a ceasefire.
| Find Your MP | Email Template by Muslim Council of Wales |
If there are multiple MP’s (like at the Senedd), it’s important to write to all of them, as one vote isn’t enough.

✊✊✊ Protest (check social media for dates and locations, as well as tips on staying safe!)

People To Follow

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P.S. I’ve previously been shadowbanned on IG for posting about this, so if I disappear for a bit, that’s why. 😅✊