#NAOHOAstory…Tribal Coverup

(1/3) Starting the year with a coverup…new year, new beginnings and all that! This lady got in touch to cover an old tribal tattoo she’d gotten lasered. She was after something light and floral…total opposite to tribal!! 🙊 #NAOHOAstory

(this photo was taken way before COVID-19 was a thing. Since March’20, all Consultations have been carried out online)

(3/3) Bye-bye, old tribal…you will not be missed! 😝
Some of the leaves from the original design were omitted, ’cause the client didn’t mind the lighter bits showing and wanted to keep the tattooing process to a minimum. I’ll be working on another coverup, so can get a healed shot later on. 🙂🌸 #NAOHOAstory

P.S. It’s always a joy to hear when clients’ mums are won over to the world of tattooing after seeing their coverups~ 😂👌

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