Laser Tattoo Removal


(I’ll be updating this page as I go along)

💻 Do Your Research

Find a practitioner you trust and check their reviews AND portfolio. I’ve seen many tattoos that have been lasered that resulted in blistering and keloid scars – you don’t want this, and neither would your tattoo artist, if you’re looking to get a coverup (scars can be tattoo’ed over, so there’s still hope – it’s just not ideal).

🧘‍♂️ Prepare In Advance

Try to get a good night’s sleep, stay hydrated and eat a meal before attending your session – your body will thank you for it. It’s the same with tattooing – the better shape you’re in, the stronger your body will be to handle the pain.

It’s not just physical though – mindset is also a big part of it. Try using calming techniques to tolerate the pain more effectively.

I wrote a blog post called Keeping a Calm Mind a while back – check it out if you need a hand!

🧣 Keep Warm

I’m not sure about other studios, but Laserwise has air-conditioning and uses a cooling machine on the skin throughout the whole session. It helps reduce the pain a lot, though obviously it means you’ll likely end the session shivering if you’re getting a large piece removed like me.

I have a ‘laser outfit’ 🤣 Which consists of a strapless jumpsuit (easy access to my tattoo), fleeced leggings, boots, a jumper that’s easy to remove and blanket scarf I can keep on my lap to stay warm.

As with tattooing, be mindful of what you wear (including how your hair is tied up) so the practitioner can work on the area needed without too much faffing about.

🏃‍♀️ Get Moving

Admittedly, I’m still pants at this as I still don’t have a regular workout routine, but overall, it’s best to stay active because the increased circulation encourages your body to flush out the broken ink particles, thus fading it faster.

Apparently, your tattoo would continue to fade over time regardless (some of my clients have had years between their laser sessions before getting a coverup from me) – just that exercise and good hydration would speed things up.

☀️ Protect Your Skin

Your skin will be vulnerable after being lasered, so keep it covered from the sun until it’s fully-healed. Laserwise recommends you keep out of the sun for 4 weeks before and after laser treatments and apply SPF50 to the area before covering with a garment that will block light from reaching the skin.

❄️ Stay Chill

Even days after the session, if the area that has been lasered heats up too much, there’s a risk of it forming blisters, and you want to avoid this as much as you can. If you’re not allergic to aloe vera, it can be applied to the skin to help cool and soothe the area. Otherwise, just dress appropriately to avoid the area getting hot.

This applies to showers too, sadly! So turn down the heat. 😓

😬 Don’t Scratch!

Same as a healing tattoo, it’s gonna get itchy once your skin grows a new layer. Try your best not to scratch the tattoo itself.

One saving grace is that lasering doesn’t open the skin like tattooing does, so I’ve been using anti-itch cream on it when this stage rears its ugly head. I keep forgetting to ask if this is okay to do, so…do at your own risk. 🙃 Be mindful of areas that have scabbed due to blisters and avoid interfering with them until fully-healed.