Panoramic photo of the studio

NAOHOA (‘naya-howa’) is a company founded and run by former concept artist Naomi Hoang, as a means of introducing a new spin on the tattooing industry.

NAOHOA believes that tattoos are for life and should mean something special to the wearer. This is why face-to-face consultations and client design input are encouraged, so that you are completely comfortable and confident in your decision. The light, welcoming environment and calm, reflective ambiance will make you feel at ease.



Giving Back


Customers have an option of donating part of their fee* towards the following charities at no extra cost:


Mind focuses on supporting people with mental health problems, as well as those who wish to learn more about how to help loved ones.


British Dyslexia Association


British Dyslexia Association
It is thought that 10% of the population is dyslexic – not counting those who have gone through life undiagnosed. The BDA encourages those with dyslexia to reach their potential by providing support and information on the matter.


Logo for Cardiff-cased homeless charity, Huggard.

Huggard is a local charity that supports Cardiff’s homeless population. From supplying duvets and food to training and accommodation, Huggard helps some of the Welsh capital’s most vulnerable citizens.


* You can opt to donate £1 per hour of your tattoo session at no extra cost, as it is taken from the company’s profit. Who will you support? Total funds will be donated at the end of each tax year.
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Fine Tea & Coffee


NAOHOA | Luxury Bespoke Tattoos

Customers can enjoy a range of teas by Welsh company Waterloo Tea, along with fresh slices of lemon or ginger as an accompaniment. If tea isn’t your thing, you can also choose from Illy 100% Arabica instant coffee or charcoal-filtered water.
NAOHOA uses lacto-free milk.

The following teas are always available to customers during their stay, along with one Wild Card, which changes each time it runs out.

English Breakfast
Earl Grey
Green Jasmine
Hibiscus Berry

Current Wild Card Tea:



Gift Bag



Every new customer will receive a complimentary gift bag as a ‘Thank You’ for choosing NAOHOA. It includes an Aftercare Guide, Asian sweets (not pictured) and a sachet of After Inked® cream to help give your new tattoo the best start when healing.


Ethical Products


The main brands of inks and aftercare products (Kuro Sumi and After Inked) are organic and vegan-friendly. Other products used, such as Saniderm and Dynamic Color Co. are vegan-friendly.



Credit Where Credit is Due




Special Thanks

” Changing career path and setting up the business has been one crazy and exciting ride. I want to thank my family and friends for their unwavering belief in me – especially those who helped set up the studio space and lined up to be my clients before it was even ready! To Business in Focus and NatWest Accelerator for the business and financial advice and of course, my lovely clients. It’s an honour and a privilege working with you. Thank you for your trust, custom and fabulous stories! ”
– Naomi Hoang