#NAOHOAstory…Kung Fu Panda

This client came all the way from Birmingham with his mates to get ink! I had a blast designing and tattooing this one. 🙂

Tattoo design of Po from Kung Fu Panda by Naomi Hoang, NAOHOA Luxury Bespoke Tattoos (Cardiff, Wales, UK).

(1/3) This Brummy client wanted a Kung Fu Panda tattoo, based on the pose of this figurine. I sketched a more dynamic version, which was later painted after getting a thumbs up from the client. #NAOHOAstory . The figurine looks a bit weird ’cause his proportions are all over the place. I already had the art book for #kungfupanda2 and used that for reference. 😄🐼


Inks prepared to tattoo Po from Kung Fu Panda, designed by Naomi Hoang at NAOHOA Luxury Bespoke Tattoos (Cardiff, Wales, UK).

(2/3) Inks at the ready! #NAOHOAstory .