Naomi Trying Out Graffiti

#NAOHOAstory: Fun Fact:
Before choosing tattooing, I nearly considered being a graffiti artist! 😬😎

A colleague from gaming hooked me up with Julian, who gave me my first street art lesson in London. He’s the nicest guy ever, and is currently working on a dream project…writing his own children’s book! Check it out his work via @artjaz05

N.B. Julian did that portrait of me on the right. My attempts to write letters on the left were far more wobbly, haha #n00b

(‘QS’ is short for Quicksilver – a username I went by in the old days of art forums. NAOHOA would be a much better tag now. 😜)

…I chose tattooing over graffiti because, having done lessons leading up to Winter, I quickly realised that I didn’t like the idea of being outside, in the elements, whilst transporting all the paints to make murals possible. Also, the bread-and-butter for a lot of street artists is doing up kids’ rooms with fun characters. As a woman working solo, I didn’t feel safe entering people’s houses by myself…so tattooing it is!