Portrait of Naomi by Matt Cummings

Due to lockdown, I’m all out of finished #NAOHOAstory posts to share, so instead…you’ll get a series of NAOHOA’s own story! 🤩

I don’t have any photos of me as a kid drawing, so here’s an amazing portrait an old friend drew of me many, many years ago. 🥰 (@eiffelart)

I chose to become an artist pretty early on in life, and consistently pursued that path from then on (more detail on why in my upcoming podcast, @ajourneysharedpodcast ). A lot of my childhood was spent drawing, painting and making things out of clay or paper mâché. I was the ‘Art Kid’ in school and am fortunate to have been encouraged along the way, at a time where many were pushed to more ‘stable’ routes, almost bullied out of doing what brought them joy.

What was your favourite childhood pastime? 😊