What to Expect When Using Saniderm

Saniderm, an aftercare product specifically designed for tattoos, is available to buy at NAOHOA Luxury Bespoke Tattoos, Cardiff, Wales (UK).

Saniderm is the brand name of a medical covering that is used as a ‘second skin’ to heal wounds. Other brands include Tegaderm, Dermalize and 3635. At NAOHOA, only Saniderm is stocked and offered as an optional extra.


✔ Pro’s

  • Low-maintenance – gives peace of mind when going about your day.
  • Doesn’t stick to clothes.
  • Protects from dirt and prevents tattoo from drying out.
  • Freedom to move and shower without concern of damaging the tattoo.
  • Skip the ‘scabbing phase’, as it’ll be contained within the dressing.
  • Easier to avoid picking at said scabs or accidentally scratching at the fresh tattoo, as the barrier will prevent it.


❌ Con’s

  • Not suitable for those allergic to latex or the adhesive on plasters.
  • Best not worn for too long in hot weather or if you have a regular exercise routine, due to sweat build-up.
  • If you’re prone to dry skin (or the weather is particularly dry), you may need to remove it sooner to moisturise the skin.


How To Apply Saniderm:


  1. Keep the first one on for 24 hours. To remove, submerse in warm water to loosen it then peel away gently.
  2. Clean the tattoo with a mild soap (or just warm water), using your hand only.
  3. Leave to air dry or pat dry with a clean, disposable tissue.
  4. Remove the paper backing of the Saniderm patch and apply to the centre of your tattoo. Hold into place and apply even pressure from the centre outwards to avoid air bubbles.
  5. Carefully remove the outer clear plastic cover so that you’re left with only the thin layer of Saniderm. Push away air bubbles to the edges if necessary. This can stay on for up to 7 days.
  6. After use, you can either purchase more in-store or follow the Aftercare Advice until your tattoo has completely healed.

For more information on the product or to see a video tutorial, please visit their official page: saniderm.com


What Does It Look Like?

When applied, it looks like a thin, transparent film that’s attached to the skin. You’ll still be able to see your tattoo, and it’s flexible enough to allow for movement. It’s breathable and waterproof, meaning you can go about your day as usual and not worry about showering.

Many thanks to Emily for providing the following photos! ✌

Stage 01: Fresh, uncovered tattoo (I forgot to take a photo of when I applied Saniderm!)


Stage 02: The first patch can be worn for up to 24hrs. In pieces like this that involve a lot of colour-packing, the build-up will be more dense than pieces that cover less surface area (e.g. fine line tattoos).


Stage 03: Apply a new patch, which can stay on for up to 7 days.


Stage 05: You might notice the scabbing phase, where the tattoo appears to be cracking away. This is normal. In this piece, the lighter parts are healed and the darker areas are remnants of the old skin breaking away.


Stage 06: The tattoo is healed! 👏


Help! What Do I Do If…

…the sides start to peel?

Remove and either replace with a new patch or use the traditional method of cleaning and moisturising your tattoo until it’s healed.


…there’s an air bubble inside?

Three options:

  1. Gently pop the bubble with a small incision (ensure the knife/needle/scissors are clean and be careful not to harm your tattoo). Squeeze out the air, then apply a small patch on top to seal it. DO NOT LEAVE UNSEALED, as this would expose your tattoo to contaminants, raising the risk of infection.
  2. Try and push the bubble towards the outer edge of the patch. Be mindful not to damage your tattoo – remember that it’s a fresh wound that needs to be taken care of.
  3. If the first two options aren’t possible, remove and use the traditional method of aftercare (clean and moisturise every few hours).


…I start to get a rash?

Remove immediately, clean and moisturise the area and consult your GP. It would be helpful to inform your tattoo artist so they can make a note that an allergy to the product may have been developed and so should be avoided.


…it’s really itchy?

Itchiness is a normal phase of a healing tattoo, and although scratching should be avoided (regardless of whether you’re using a dressing or not), you can pat the area or apply a cold compress to soothe the skin.

If the skin looks irritated, then it’s likely that there’s a build-up of sweat underneath the dressing. If this is the case, remove the Saniderm then clean and moisturise the tattoo and let it breathe.


Closing Thoughts

It’s a great product and I wish I’d known about it when I had my tattoo (sleeping on your front for two weeks during Summer is not fun!). Many clients have raved about Saniderm and it’s pretty hard to go back once you’re used to its convenience.

At time of writing, NAOHOA charges £5 for 1 week’s worth of patches or £7 for 2 week’s worth. They are cut to size and I’ll teach you how to use it as I’m doing so, which will give you confidence in applying the next patch yourself. An aftercare leaflet is provided (inside the Gift Bag for all new customers) and of course, information is available on this website at all times.

When you leave NAOHOA, you’ll have everything you need to look after your tattoo. 💜

If you have more questions, ping me a message and I’ll add it to the post!

Naomi xxx