2020 at NAOHOA


Finally finished the tiger torso/hip piece we started a while back. This GP predicted our first lockdown scarily accurately! 🐯 (1)

resilience‘, I feel is a word we’ve all had to endure this year especially. πŸ’ͺ (2)

It wouldn’t be a round-up without a coverup lol. Here, Paul says goodbye to his old-school heart tattoo and we replace it with a howling wolf. πŸŒ• (3)

Congrats to Lorna on bringing Imogen into the world after so much heartache. Each cherry blossom on her wrist represents the ones who didn’t make it. 🌸 (4)

I really enjoyed inking this small, detailed rose and would like to do more in future. πŸ’™ (5)

This fineline ‘Babe with the power’ brought on many cheers from Bowie fans! ⚑️(6)

I haven’t actually posted this one on my feed yet, but it’s a lovely healed pic of forget-me-nots, in loving memory of her grandma. πŸ˜‡ (7)

To celebrate Ghibli‘s debut on Netflix, I created a load ofΒ #GhibliFlashTattoosΒ ! Normally just an outline, this one ended up with watercolour flourishes to bring the lil’ guy to life. πŸ”₯ (8)

Wrapping up with this month’sΒ #NAOHOAstory, ’cause I know you love demΒ #WatercolourTattoosΒ ! 🎨 (9)

Although I’ve not been able to ink much this year, it’s been a blast to see you guys whenever possible. Thanks so much for your support and understanding throughout all this. πŸ™ It’s been a bonkers year and I’m grateful to still be standing, despite all the setbacks.

Out of the 52 weeks 2020 had to offer, NAOHOA was closed for 34. 😐 Thanks for not biting my head off while I worked behind the scenes to keep the business afloat, or burnt out multiple times from doing just that. πŸ™ƒ Your kind messages really helped keep me going through such turbulent times…

Stay safe, be kind and I’ll see you on the other side. ✌
N️aomi xxx


2020…the year where I felt like an empowered female business owner ♀️ (1: #InternationalWomensDay, March), before AARRGHHMOVESTUDIO-into-storage-after-a-dispute-I-didn’t-want-to-waste-time-on (April). Bye-bye, City Road (2). πŸ‘‹ 5 years of business there, all wrapped up rather unceremoniously…😒

Lockdown happened and we felt helpless while the weather was glorious. Donated gloves to NHS πŸ’™ (3), then joined Cardiff’s peaceful protest for #BlackLivesMatter ✊✊🏾 (4).

In July, I finally found a new home for NAOHOA in Cathay’s, though it took 1.5 months to process. πŸ”‘ (5)…and the same amount of time to redecorate (6). On October 20th, I reopened after 30 long weeks of being out-of-action – a date settled weeks prior, that happened to land the day after the Welsh Government announced the Firebreak Lockdown (7). πŸ”₯🚫

I was allowed to ink again from 9th Nov, with news that another lockdown would commence for businesses like mine on 24th December. Oh how I loved being back – inking, chatting (but not the cleaning πŸ™„), then BAM. Emergency announcement on the 19th that lockdown would in fact happen that night. I spend the rest of my day off contacting clients and rescheduling peeps to clear my calendar. πŸ™…πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

Things I’m grateful for, despite the madness:

🧘🏻 Taking time out.
πŸ’— Investing energy into causes I’m passionate about.
πŸ‘ Having an amazing support network.
πŸ‘› Being furloughed, so I could get by.
🐻 Animal Crossing: New Horizons
πŸ€— Last but not least…you guys!

It’s been one helluva ride, 2020. It was tough, but I’m glad to have gotten the nudge (or…shove 😬) to secure my own studio. ✨ It’s been a long time coming and I needed it. This pandemic is far from over, but fingers crossed it’ll be tamed by the end of next year.

Hey, 2021…go easy on us, yeah? 😜

Happy New Year, folks~ πŸ₯‚πŸ±πŸ°
Naomi xxx