#NAOHOAstory…Rainbow Tree

(2/3) Side-by-side snap of the final design and stencil used…#NAOHOAstory

(3/3) Well done for sitting through this, Amber!! 💪 Best of luck with your studies~ #NAOHOAstory

Inks by @kurosumitattooink are organic and vegan-friendly. I love how vibrant their colours are, whilst remaining earthy. 🎨

(4/3) Bonus image! The carnage that’s left after colour tattoos. 🤣🎨🙈 #NAOHOAstory

What Did She Think?

Probably the most painful experience of my life so far, but totally worth it. Love the way you’ve made it look so fluid, like it’s blowing in the wind. Have had so many compliments and lots of ppl interested in getting tattooed by you.

– Amber J.

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