Consultation Fee

Fun Fact: I made these pillows using curtain samples from BHS’s closing sale!
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With nearly 5 years of excellent customer service and collaborative design at NAOHOA, I’ve decided to start charging for Consultations.⠀⠀⠀
Since 2015, I’ve sat down with each client for up to 30mins to discuss their tattoo ideas, learn about them as a person, offer advice and note their medical needs. This is to build rapport, trust and understanding so I can design a tattoo that fits them as well as I possibly can.
Recently, there have been a number of no-shows, which not only wastes my time, but blocks genuine clients from booking that slot. The cost of these, along with time spent with clients who decided to delay or not proceed (since Jul’17), adds up to £570/19hrs of my time, which could have been spent on tasks such as designing or tattooing.
Additionally, with the threat of COVID-19 limiting our movements, small, independent businesses such as NAOHOA are under threat if the situation persists over a long period. In response, all Consultations will take place online to limit exposure and I will continue tattooing, so long as both parties are healthy. I kindly ask clients to wash their hands before and after entering the studio (the bathroom is between the salon and NAOHOA) and I will continue to keep this space as clean as possible.
If businesses are officially asked to shut down, my only income will be from Consultations, deposits (if they’re paid) and sales of art prints or tote bags. This is extremely limiting and I’m taking these measures so that NAOHOA has a better chance of surviving and will be able to serve you for years to come.
Consultations booked this month will be free, so those of you who have been sitting on the idea of getting a tattoo have a chance to take action. From April onwards, it will be £15 on top of the regular tattoo rate.⠀
Thank you for your understanding.
Naomi xxx⠀