#NAOHOAstory…Rasta Lion

If you’ve got an old tattoo you’re not too fond of, worry not! NAOHOA is no stranger to coverups, as you’ll see in the next few images…

(1/4) After spotting my lion tattoo that was on display at Comic Con, this client approached me to cover up, what his family had fondly dubbed, his “diseased donkey”. 😂🐴🦁 #NAOHOAstory

(2/4) Here are two design options I gave for his coverup. It was drawn on top of a faint photo of his existing tattoo from 20 years ago…#NAOHOAstory

(3/4) On the far left is the original tattoo from 20 years ago. In the first session (middle), I faded it out with skin-tone ink and put down the outline of my design. Once healed, I went over it with colour. 🦁 #NAOHOAstory

(4/4) Bye-bye, Diseased Donkey! 😆 ‘NP’ is in memory of his grandma, who was a reggae fan. Unfortunately, some of the original tattoo reemerged after the lion healed, but the client was happy with the overall look and wanted to keep it that way. The foliage was especially fun to ink! Thanks so much for trusting me with this piece, Gareth, and thanks to Showmasters for making our paths cross at Comic Con! ✌ #NAOHOAstory


What Did He Think Of It?

I cannot recommend NAOHOA enough! Naomi was able to cover up an absolute travesty of a tattoo that I’d been hiding for around 20 years. I am now so proud to walk around with an absolute stunner of a work-of-art on my arm. One draw back is I’ve found I do take my top off more now which is a little strange in the office! Naomi was great to deal with which is always good when you’re sat next to each other for hours on end, she makes you feel relaxed and comfortable during the whole process. 10/10, gold star, top marks!

Gareth P.

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