#NAOHOAstory…Sketchy Magpie

(1/3) I met this couple during Comic Con, where the gent on the left came to discuss an idea for his first tattoo, which would mark a significant part of his life… #NAOHOAstory

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(3/3) Congrats on your first tattoo! 👏 Sat like a pro and even left with sound advice on how to care for the plants at the studio after I over-watered them. 😅 🌱 #NAOHOAstory

What Were His Thoughts?

I went to Naomi for my first tattoo and from the beginning she made me feel welcome and at ease. The studio is amazing, as soon as you walk into it you feel comfortable and chill. I gave Naomi a rough idea as to what I wanted and she designed it amazingly to the style I liked. Would definitely do business here again and look forward to getting my second tattoo with Naomi.

-Liam J.

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