Cheryl Vance & Naomi Hoang

#NAOHOAstory: Again, I had a week’s notice to uproot my life and move from Horsham to Newport, then over to Oxford. This time, for a permanent role, so I could at least rent for a year at a time.

I was at that company for 2 years and tried my best for the project I was assigned to. Nothing was ever enough, the goal post kept changing, and it deteriorated my health to the point where I was off work for 4 months before having to move back to Wales. I tolerated a lot because I really wanted to be part of a project from start to finish, but it just didn’t happen. It had a huge impact on me, which I’ll be discussing in my podcast, @ajourneysharedpodcast , in attempt to process, let out, then let go of that pain. 7 years after leaving, my experience there is a big reason why I’m currently in therapy; it continues to haunt me, but I try not to let it distract from NAOHOA. 😔

Due to the game not being announced before getting cancelled, I can’t show any art from that job, but here’s a pic of Cheryl (Producer) and I during a trip. 😊

Cheryl was smart and left the company before things got bad. Even smarter still, she launched a games studio called Prideful Sloth around the same time I started NAOHOA , and has since made amazing, award-winning games. 👏✨

There’s a lot I didn’t like when working in the games industry, but I don’t regret it, purely for the awesome people I met along the way. 💖