Naomi’s Lockdown Milestones

#NAOHOAstory: At this point, NAOHOA has been closed for over 6 months due to lockdown and was struggling to find a new place to call home. Half a year without trading. It’s surreal, but I’m also grateful for the slowness it brought.

Besides seeing your lovely faces during Online Consultations, I did yoga every morning with my ballet teacher, @adultballetwales via IG Live. 🧘🏻 The Waiting List was stressing me out, but now I’ve got a handle on things (right before it starts all over again lol). 🎨 #MeToo reemerging within the gaming industry triggered my c-PTSD and forced me to rest…I escaped for a while via Animal Crossing: New Horizons (like many did during lockdown!) and it was nice to be excited about something again. 😸 I became politically active in speaking out about race – for BLM, but also from my own experiences – which then lead me to starting a project I’d been shying away from for years…a podcast. 🎀 Zan and I now have a house and have been redecorating it simultaneously with the studio. πŸ”‘πŸ  (I say ‘we’ – full credit goes to my dad, his dear friend and my uncle πŸ’– We just tidied, made treats, bought all the stuff whilst wincing at the receipts lol).

All of this…everything I’d been through and the grit needed to persevere has got me to this place. I’ll be talking about it in more detail via spoken word on @ajourneysharedpodcast . ⛰️

Photos During Lockdown (left-to-right)
Almost getting married πŸ˜‚πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ; becoming a Crazy Plant Lady 🌱; Donning masks when venturing out 😷; Setting up a local Lockdown Library with volunteers πŸ“š; protesting for BLM ✊🏿; protesting for nurses wages to be increased πŸ’™; sewing masks with local volunteers for the vulnerable πŸ’›; starting my podcast πŸŽ™οΈ; celebrating my birthday via AC:NH ✨