#NAOHOAstory…A Vibrant Universe

  Click to play video: (2/5) All the iterations! Gotta make it perfect for the client. 😊 #NAOHOAstory . . . #watercolour #tattoodesign #design #watercolourtattoos #colours #universe #vibrant #yellow #blue #purple #green #red #orange #circle #firsttattoo #tattoo #unique #bespoke #ring #circleoflife #cardiff #cardifftattoo #tattoocardiff #newport #wales #bristol #tattoogirlz #femaletattooist #femaletattooartist A post shared by NAOHOA Continue reading

#NAOHOAstory…Kung Fu Panda

This client came all the way from Birmingham with his mates to get ink! I had a blast designing and tattooing this one. 🙂     Something fun to end the year with! 😃 . (3/3) Here's Po in all his glory. 🐼 Well sat, mate! Cheers for coming all the way from Birminham~ 😄 Continue reading

Octopus Sleeve

I’m currently working on a full sleeve tattoo, with an octopus as its main feature. It’s in a contemporary Japanese art style and we worked together a lot to get it just right. 🙂 Click on the Instagram posts to watch the videos.   (click to play) Stenciled the top half of this piece earlier Continue reading

‘Four Seasons’ Sleeve

In a previous life, I was a Concept Artist/Illustrator for the gaming industry (I still do this sometimes but only on a remote, freelance basis). The first company I worked at was The Creative Assembly (SEGA), where I produced the Event Pictures for Shogun 2: Fall of the Samurai. Several pages of my work can Continue reading

#NAOHOAstory…Geo Tulip

  (1/4) After seeing the Watercolour Geo Flower I did, this client wanted something along the same lines, featuring a tulip. Here are sketches she gave me to work with. 🙂   (Click to play the videos below) (2/4) Here's one of my takes on the client's tattoo design based on her sketch. 🙂 #NAOHOAstory Continue reading


  (click to play video) (2/3) Here's a quick overview of the options I gave him to choose from. With his feedback, we finalised the design. 🙂 #NAOHOAstory #tattoo #tattoodesign #NAOHOAdesign #NAOHOA #Luxury #Bespoke #Tattoos #design #art #original A post shared by NAOHOA Luxury Bespoke Tattoos (@naohoa) on Feb 28, 2017 at 11:21am PST   Continue reading

Designing Clocks & Roses

  Hi all 🙂 I received a cluster of requests around the same time for clocks and roses (inner arm pieces) and thought I’d share my design process for them. Aware of the popularity of this combination, I wanted to ensure each design was personal and unique to each client. Everyone has their own reasons Continue reading

#NAOHOAstory…We Are United

This piece was a collaboration between the client and myself. She had the core idea on paper and simply wanted me to snazz up the wave. From what I recall: the circle, sky and water portrays the world and its elements and the dots represent people and how we’re all the same, regardless of gender Continue reading

The Color Festival 2016

I’ll be at The Color Festival, Cardiff!! If you fancy some face paint or tattoo transfers whilst dancing to some sweet beats, swing by NAOHOA’s stall to get your fix. 😀 I’ll be there all day with my lovely helpers, so even if I’m busy talking to someone about real ink, there will always be Continue reading

Pokémon GO Tattoos

Hey all, Is anyone else obsessed with this game?! I grew up with Pokémon and worked in gaming so you may know that I’m pretty into GO – especially if you’ve been following my personal account on Twitter. Many moons ago, I re-designed some members of my original team from the Blue days and honestly, it would Continue reading