Manchester Tattoo Appeal

#ManchesterTattooAppeal Hi everyone! In response to the horrific Manchester Arena Attack on 22nd May, I was approached to do a Manchester Bee tattoo as a tribute and means to raise money for the families affected. The first person to contact me was a Cardiff-based Mancunian and interest soon spread to fellow locals, all happy to save Continue reading

Designing Clocks & Roses

  Hi all 🙂 I received a cluster of requests around the same time for clocks and roses (inner arm pieces) and thought I’d share my design process for them. Aware of the popularity of this combination, I wanted to ensure each design was personal and unique to each client. Everyone has their own reasons Continue reading

Cross & Wings Re-work

Hey guys~ I’ll be starting a biiiig re-work/coverup jobbins soon and thought I’d share my process. If you’re interested, please refer back to this post as I’ll be updating it as I go along, as well as posting photos on Facebook. ….the wings won’t be completely symmetrical – it was just easy to flip it Continue reading