Cross & Wings Re-work

Hey guys~

I’ll be starting a biiiig re-work/coverup jobbins soon and thought I’d share my process. If you’re interested, please refer back to this post as I’ll be updating it as I go along, as well as posting photos on Facebook.

Animated GIF of my design

A rough idea of what I intend to do with this unfinished tattoo the client has had for the past 3 years (the original artist moved abroad).

….the wings won’t be completely symmetrical – it was just easy to flip it in order to quickly show the client and give him an idea of what I’ll be doing.


21/06/2016: 6 Hours Later…

We split this into two 3hr sessions. First, I focused on fixing the alignment of the cross and shaded as much as I could. In the second session, I completed the outlines of the wings and started shading the undersides of the more heavily-rendered wing, so it’ll be easier for me to follow next time round.


Wings & Cross Rework #03


Naomi xxx