2017 Closures

Refer to this page for planned closures and note that calls and emails will not be answered until the day of return. Please give up to 5 working days for a response before contacting again.

General questions can be found on the F.A.Q. Page.

The studio will always be closed on Sundays.

NAOHOA will be closed on the following dates during 2017:


February 25th

Thank you for your patience and understanding; I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,


Introducing Huggard

A homeless man sleeping on a pavement.

Image taken from the BBC programme, Cardiff: Living on the Streets.

Hi everyone~!

Since NAOHOA began in 2015, you’ve had the option to donate £1 for every hour of tattooing towards three charities: Mind, British Dyslexia Association and British Red Cross (…or none at all!). This is taken from the company’s profits, so there is no change to your bill.

The first two are close to my heart (due to my own experiences) and BRC served as an ‘all-rounder’ to give you a broader option. However, homelessness is something I’ve long felt strongly about and after watching Cardiff: Living On The Streets, I learnt about the local charity, Huggard.


The logo for Huggard, a charity for homeless people in Cardiff.


Huggard is a Cardiff-based charity that helps homeless individuals have a safe place to sleep, eat and bathe. Training is available so they are better equipped to find work and some can gradually earn their own place of residency via the charity’s affiliates.

Due to the nature of their efforts, I will be switching out BRC for Huggard from 1st March 2017. BRC is a huge organisation with support from all over the nation and personally, I’d rather help a smaller charity through my work that has a positive impact on the community I’m in.

If you feel compelled to donate to BRC after the change, you can do so directly by clicking on this link. 🙂




Easy Ways to Help the Homeless

Here are some ideas, including things I do when I’m out and about. If you have more suggestions, please comment below or tag me in your response on social media!


  1. Give change or donate to a charity that can help.
  2. Buy a beverage and/or food.

    Many stores do affordable Meal Deals and restaurants/cafes can prepare food to go.
    Waitrose give free tea/coffee to customers with a Membership Card, which are free to obtain. If I pass by one, I normally claim a free tea and give it to the nearest homeless person I see (especially during Winter). Don’t forget the milk, sugar and stirrers!

  3. If you spot a homeless woman, kindly ask if she needs sanitary products and offer to buy some for her.

    This is an issue most people overlook – here’s a short video of interviews with women in NYC speaking honestly about having their periods whilst sleeping rough.
    Ideally, a Menstrual Cup would be more useful, as they can be reused (worn up to 8hrs a time and last up to 10 years*!). Mooncup is the leading brand (Size A for women who have given birth naturally / Size B for those who haven’t).

  4. Have a voucher you’re unlikely to use?

    Offer it, if you think it’ll be helpful to them (e.g. meal deals).

  5. Have a friendly chat. 🙂


* depending on the brand and flow.




Can’t Wait?


Here are the direct links to all of the charities, should you want to help now!


British Dyslexia Association


British Red Cross

Facepainting at The Color Festival 2016



Floral Face PaintIt’s always fun to see what life throws at you. 🙂 Recently, I was approached to work at The Color Festival (Cardiff) as a face painter. I hadn’t thought of that route before but figured it could be an interesting way to raise awareness of NAOHOA to a large crowd in a short space of time.

 Never one to shy from a challenge, I gave it my all and by the end of the week I had a fully-functioning stall with original designs, newly-printed marketing material and a queue of people waiting to be painted by me and my team.


Many lessons were learnt (which I’ll apply to future events), the clients were lovely and I’m so utterly proud of the team for banding together so that things ran as smoothly as possible.


20160827_150452The event itself was utterly packed and we were working non-stop from 2:30-11:30pm! I managed one loo break and ate a piece of chicken as breaks, haha. Many thanks to those of you who waited patiently to see us – queuing for as long as an hour to get painted! Always a joy to see happy clients skip away afterwards. 🙂


20160827_200208Last but not least, congratulations to James Cannon for winning the Facebook prize! He’ll be treated to a Consultation and 1hr of tattooing with me, worth £100. 🙂




The whole thing has made me think about offering these skills for special events – in or out of the studio.


Are you a festival organiser looking for a face/body painter? Please get in touch!


Stay tuned on my social media pages to get sneak peeks on updates. 😉


Until then….keep rockin’!
Naomi xxx

Last Three Standing!

The last three standing after a 14hr shift!

The Color Festival 2016

Great News, Everyone!

I’ll be at The Color Festival, Cardiff!! If you fancy some face paint or tattoo transfers whilst dancing to some sweet beats, swing by NAOHOA’s stall to get your fix. 😀

I’ll be there all day with my lovely helpers, so even if I’m busy talking to someone about real ink, there will always be someone around to see to you. Obviously, big music festivals aren’t the most relaxing or sterile of environments, so we’ll only be doing temporary tattoos on the day.

Right now, I’m drawing up some Pokémon designs but will have some more non-nerdy ones available on the day at varying sizes and prices.




* Stay Tuned for Updates on Designs & Services *

I’ll be around all day, so if you’d like to discuss tattoos with me, please do. You can book and pay Consultations, which we’ll have after the festival when alcohol isn’t at play! 😛

All of the designs will be available to have tattooed however, as soon as one has been reserved, no one else can have it. NAOHOA stands true to being bespoke. To keep a design, you’ll need to pay a Reservation Fee upfront to secure it. The fee will vary depending on the size and duration you’d like to reserve it for.



Competition & Prizes



The most retweets of your selfie donning NAOHOA temp. ink.

  • Your post MUST include: Photo selfie clearly showing your temporary tattoo, #TCFtattoo and tag @_naohoa
  • Applicants must be 18 years or older.
  • Follow us on Twitter.

If these requirements are not met, you will not qualify for the competition.


FacebookNAOHOA Prize

The most ‘likes’ of your selfie donning NAOHOA temp. ink.

  • Your post MUST include: Photo selfie clearly showing your temporary tattoo, #TCFtattoo and tag @NAOHOA
  • Applicants must be 18 years or older.
  • Like our Page.

If these requirements are not met, you will not qualify for the competition.



A free Consultation and one hour of tattooing at NAOHOA!
ONE winner from EACH account will be selected on Sunday 28th August at 6pm, then announced soon afterwards.




Cheers for reading and see you there!

Naomi xxx

Pokémon GO Tattoos

NAOHOA-branded ball next to a Pokéball

Designed by Naomi Hoang, executed by Simon Vickers.

Hey all,

Is anyone else obsessed with this game?! I grew up with Pokémon and worked in gaming so you may know that I’m pretty into GO – especially if you’ve been following my personal account on Twitter.

Initial Designs

Many moons ago, I re-designed some members of my original team from the Blue days and honestly, it would be a blast to do something like this again.


What’s your favourite Pokémon?

Would you want to get it tattooed? Or simply have an original sketch/digital print of your own? Email me at info [at] naohoa.com if you’re interested in having a bespoke Pokémon illustration/tattoo of your own in an art style you prefer.


Rapidash Re-design. My go-to art style when painting is realistic, but I’m not restricted to this.


Follow me on social media to see updates on new designs!

Follow me on social media to see updates on new designs!

Prices will vary depending on what you’d like, so let’s start a conversation and take it from there. 🙂

I’ll be posting updates of my own designs as I go along, which will be made available to clients. Once chosen, they will be taken off the market, so nobody from NAOHOA will have the same tattoo as you!

Kind regards,
Naomi xxx


#NAOHOAnetwork <– Use this Tag to stay up to date!

Hi there!

Here be me: Naomi Hoang (‘nay-oh-mee  hwang’). Feel free to call me ‘Nay’.

If you’re reading this, then you’ve probably stumbled upon a selfie Tweet to plug the fact that I’m at a certain event.

I go to a lot of these events and many people say they want a tattoo but only a few take the plunge and book in, so to give you a little nudge, the first 5 people to approach me and book an appointment will get £10 off.

You’ll need to book and pay for a Consultation (£30) to secure this discount. You can either use your discount right away and pay £20 on the spot, or save the discount for when you get inked. Up to you. 🙂

This will be non-refundable, as it is to cover my time during the consultation and for when I design your tattoo. I spend a lot of time creating bespoke designs, which £30 doesn’t cover at all, but I do this so that there is a low, non-intimidating entry level towards getting your tattoo. Please respect this and only book if you genuinely intend to get inked. If you’re unsure, why not try the Temporary Tattoo Package?


More information on my process:


…..so what are you waiting for? Time to put your money where your mouth is~ 😛 It doesn’t have to be within a few weeks either – it can be booked months ahead so you have time to think and save up.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to meeting you!
Naomi xxx

Psst…’Like’ my Facebook Page for regular updates.


#NAOHOAnetwork <– Use this Tag to stay up to date!

Cross & Wings Re-work

Hey guys~

I’ll be starting a biiiig re-work/coverup jobbins soon and thought I’d share my process. If you’re interested, please refer back to this post as I’ll be updating it as I go along, as well as posting photos on Facebook.

Animated GIF of my design

A rough idea of what I intend to do with this unfinished tattoo the client has had for the past 3 years (the original artist moved abroad).

….the wings won’t be completely symmetrical – it was just easy to flip it in order to quickly show the client and give him an idea of what I’ll be doing.


21/06/2016: 6 Hours Later…

We split this into two 3hr sessions. First, I focused on fixing the alignment of the cross and shaded as much as I could. In the second session, I completed the outlines of the wings and started shading the undersides of the more heavily-rendered wing, so it’ll be easier for me to follow next time round.


Wings & Cross Rework #03


Naomi xxx


Designed by Naomi Hoang.

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Thank you for your continuing support!
Naomi xxx


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NAOHOA’s 1st Birthday!

Where does the time go?! On the 3rd July, it’ll be NAOHOA’s 1st birthday…a whole year since I ventured into the world of tattooing after leaving the gaming industry as a concept artist. It’s been a crazy and exciting career move and deeply rewarding to meet people from all walks of life through NAOHOA.

As a token of gratitude and celebration, I’ll be running a special birthday deal from 1st June – 31st July!




SMALL Tattoos (up to 3hrs)

  • 6% off

Saving: £3.50-13.80

MEDIUM Tattoos (3-6hrs)

  • 8% off
  • Free sachet of After Inked cream

Saving: £14.40-26.40 (+£2)

LARGE Tattoos (6hrs+)

  • 10% off*
  • Free tube of After Inked

Saving: £45-73 (+£15)
* up to 10hrs.


  • Client must be aged 18+ with proof of ID (passport/driver’s license)
  • Medical form must be completed and any complications cleared with their GP beforehand if necessary.
  • Clients need to bring visual reference for the artist during their consultation.
  • Tattoos must begin within June/July to qualify (i.e. if you’re getting a large piece that will take multiple sessions, it’s okay to run throughout the year, so long as we start tattooing in June/July for a minimum of 2hrs)
    Purchase tattoo value in full in form of a Gift Certificate (e.g. if you’re too busy to book appointments in June/July).

    • Minimum 6hr purchase (£450 inc. Consultation Fee) for LARGE Tattoo deal.
    • Gift Certificate will be valid until 31/12/2016.
  • ‘Saving’ calculations include the Consultation Fee.
  • Discounted amount will be refunded upon completion of the tattoo.
  • After Inked (if applicable) will be given after the first tattoo session.

If interested, please contact me to book a consultation.



Birthday Party

Sunday 3rd July
Time TBA (vote in the Poll to have your say)
Seasons Boutique Cafe Bar
RSVP: https://www.facebook.com/events/286215115054553/
After Party at Ten Mill Lane


Raffle Prizes:

  • Consultation & 1hr tattoo with NAOHOA (worth £100).
  • Consultation with NAOHOA (worth £30).
  • Mojito Masterclass for up to 8 people at Ten Mill Lane (worth £80).
  • Massage at The Victoria Park Clinic (worth £40).
  • 90min Consultation with Dr Bridget, “Prescription for Success” (worth £150).


Raffle tickets will be £4 each or 3 for £10 and prizes will be drawn at 4pm, so please purchase yours by 3:30pm.

Charities supported are Mind, British Dyslexia Association and The British Red Cross.

Would you like to donate a prize for the raffle? Please get in touch ASAP! info [at] naohoa.com


Gift Bags will be given to the first 10 people upon arrival! So arrive early if you’d like treats and discounts. 😉


Thanks for reading and I hope to see you soon. 🙂
Naomi xxx

Open Days 2016

Currently, NAOHOA is strictly an appointment-only studio where Naomi is only present when booked in. However! If you’d like to check out the studio and meet the artist or drop-in for a consultation, swing by at one of the Open Days. 🙂


March 18*-19th

April 29-30th

May 27-28th

[to be updated throughout the year]

There is no obligation to make an enquiry – Open Days are simply an opportunity to get a feel for the place and meet the artist in person.

Drop-in consultations only (not tattoos). Please bring proof of ID, reference material and cash (£30), as card is not accepted for transactions below £50. See ‘Bespoke Tattoos’ for more information on the process.

Last consultation at 5pm.