#NAOHOAstory…Sakura Haku

(1/3) This Ghibli fan wanted a rib tattoo of a particular dragon…can you guess his name? #NAOHOAstory⠀⠀⠀



(3/3) Here is Haku! 🐉 I haven’t had the chance to see him healed yet. If you’re watching, Abi, please send me a pic~ 😃 #NAOHOAstory



What Did She Think?

This was my fourth tattoo And the best experience, Naomi has set up something truly different! The design process was collaborative and I was blown away by her talent and design work. I’m so glad to know my dragon is a one off too!

Then the tattoo itself was as comfortable as it could be, a super peaceful environment, no one else wandering in and out to start with! And Naomi is an skilled and quick tattooist, so I could power through the four and a half hours and get it all done one day, which says a lot!

The end result is a beautiful tattoo that I’m thrilled with, so thank you NAOHOA!

Abi L.


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